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About Grassfire!

Grassfire Communications from the 30,000 Foot Level

The purpose of this effort is threefold: 1) to restore the vision of our Founding Fathers to its original intent, 2) to deal lawfully with activist judges and public servants in general who, under Color of Law, regularly deprive us of our God-given Rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, and 3) to return the reins of self-government back into the hands of We the The People.

The End Game.

This means wreaking havoc on anyone's attempt to pervert our Limited Constitutional Republic into this so-called Democracy, which is just a gentler name for Socialism and Communism.

I feel that the American People are very close to exercising our 2nd Amendment to deal with where we are today. I believe with all my heart that Grassfire Communications may very well make that exercise unnecessary.

The Bottom Line.

Whatever comes out of this adventure, we hope for the best: the complete restoration of our Republic. At worst, we hope to throw a wrench into their machinery so large it will take them years, if ever, to undo the damage we’ve inflicted on their plans.

I want to make this very clear. Although my background and personal sympathies are that of a very observant Believer in the Creator of this universe—the very ‘Providence’ our Founders repeatedly said they were guided by and upon which the foundation of this nation rests, including the rights granted to us by that Creator—paramount and far above my personal feelings is my responsibility to enable American men and women in their support of any given topic according to their conscience and not according to unwanted government influence.

I vow never to bias the communications running through Grassfire Communications to fit my world view on any subject or any matter—as Main Stream Media and most Social Media do so blatantly. Grassfire Communications also rejects the notion of any government, quasi-government, or non-government entity having any censorship influence over this platform's applications.

The power of safe networking and the power of dealing directly with Membership, whenever and wherever possible, is the very fountainhead of Grassfire Communications.

The Plan.

So, how does Grassfire Communications work to "return the reins of self-government back into the hands of The People?"

Easy . . .

When one becomes a Member of Americans Restoring America—the umbrella organization under which are 45+ Member Websites that deal with specific issues blanketing major issues of concern to the American people—they fill out something akin to an employment application or a bank loan application without sharing any Personal Information.

The data Members share are query-sensitive and becomes the vehicle by which Members connect directly BY VENUE with other Members who might otherwise be unknown to them. This is critical: the phrase "By Venue" means Members may now connect to other Members in a specific state, county, and city, targeted by a unique Subject or Topic.

In addition to the state, county, and city targeting presently in place, Voting Precinct, Zip Code, and geographic radius, are being added as targeting selections. Also underway is the ability to target Public Servants (e.g., Dog Catcher, School Board, Election Supervisor, County Board, State Representatives, Senate, et al.).

Major players (e.g., DJT, Elon Musk, POTUS, etc.) will be able to eBlast any subscribers to their channels directly from within the Grassfire Communications Applications.

Now, for the first time ever, everyone and anyone interested in, let’s say, the 2nd Amendment, may communicate with one another en mass without having previously known each other—all because the other Members registered to receive information about that Topic.

Can you imagine how these dynamics would or could affect a county council’s decision regarding a new policy or rule they are contriving regarding the 2nd Amendment? How about reconsideration by a Judge on his or her potential ruling?

An Election Example.

Imagine we're in the midst of an election cycle? You know your neighbors and how they might vote regarding a specific candidate. In fact, you’ve been communicating with them using Grassfire's unique Voting Precinct Name for several months about this particular candidate.

Typically, a voting precinct consists of 75 to 150 families, sometimes as high as 300 families, and, in certain rare occasions, as many as 600 or 700 families. Let's say there are 75 families in your voting precinct and, because as you’ve been communicating with each other regarding this specific candidate, you're confident that at least 45 of these families are voting for that candidate.

Now, a day after the voting, the County Election Supervisor announces that this candidate only got 9 votes? You know this outcome is ridiculous. So, you immediately contact the other Members in your precinct just as you’ve done previously.

You attach a questionnaire asking if they voted for this specific candidate. It turns out you get a esponse from 55 families acknowledging that they voted for this specific candidate. What to do?

Well, there is a PDF button these 55 families can click that will download a printable Affidavit that can be printed, signed, and returned to an agreed-upon location, such as a grocery store in the neighborhood, the following Saturday and Sunday.

Members set up a table to collect this Affidavit, attesting to the fact they indeed voted for the specific candidate. Now you have in your hands 55 signed Affidavits and it's time for a meeting with the Election Supervisor!

Oh, and let’s invite various local news reporting agencies to observe while you ask, publically, the Election Supervisor how they published only 9 votes for your candidate when there are 55 signed Affidavits to the contrary staring him or her in the face!

This scenario can easily be repeated across the entire county in moments, yielding the same inconvenient truths presented to a host of Election Supervisors—making short work of any Voting Fraud being committed in that county.

This is how Grassfire Communications "returns the reins of Self-Government back into the hands of The People!"

Time is of the Essence.

The urgency now is to take advantage of the upcoming election and all the excitement surrounding it. The goal is to populate Grassfire Communicatons as quickly as possible, growing the general Membership from all over the country.

Most recently, Trump Communications and Someone's Beating Heart have been added to the list of Member Websites hosting the Grassfire Communications Application—for just that purpose. Our plan is to harness the energy and enthusiasm of the huge numbers of Citizens interested in these two Topics.

A Final Note.

Remember, Grassfire Communications is open to all whether they are for or against a matter. All Member Websites are simply the rallying points that excite—one way or the other—those who have concerns regarding those Topics.

Trump Communications and Someone's Beating Heart are the current focus for the simple reason that I believe they will populate Grassfire with tens of millions of energetic Americans who will utilize Grassfire Communications to restore America to its greatness.

Thank you for hearing me out. I do pray you will join me in restoring and returning to the Vision of our Founding Fathers. There is precious little time remaining to accomplish this, I fear, before others resort to the 2nd Amendment for their solutions—Grassfire makes that option totally avoidable.

Michael Edward
Phone: 800.625.4250
Email: ME@grassfirecommunications.com

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